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Bring us problems.

If we can't solve every single issue you've experienced in business within the next week or two, we'll pay you until we do

Bring us problems.

If we can't solve every single issue you've experienced in business within the next week or two, we'll pay you until we do.

We honestly have wayyyy too big of a "To Do" list, but the 20 year vision of Allies is focused on helping SMBs become a much more liquid & investable asset class through the use of acquisitions, hybrid IPOs, reverse mergers & more.

Pretty much everything else we do is just designed to build relationships, so that people actually trust us with the bigger stuff. (Hopefully that makes sense)?

We also spent the past 20 years assembling a machine to build, buy, fix & grow our own companies. We use this exact same ecosystem to optimize them for future exits.

And now you can have access to every single one of our industry specialists (just scroll down below):


There are two primary ways we can help a business. Increase sales and/or reduce expenses. 

We're on a mission help small businesses do both. We believe that SMBs are the backbone of the world economy, so we contribute 10% of all our top line revenue to a non-profit of your choice.

We can show you how to slash 15-25% of your CURRENT expenses, without ever even thinking about cutting salaries or firing employees, and at absolutely no risk or cost to you if we don't succeed. 

We're not trying to sell you anything right now. We want to share all of our strategies and resources to help you get through this. We recently found a cost reduction company that used to only work with $100M+ companies, but who now wants to help small businesses pivot & survive.
Marketing, Systems, Money, People, Buying & Selling A Business

Over the past 20 years, most of the problems we've had in business fell into the following five categories:

1. Money (Lack of cashflow/capital)

2. Systems (Needing automation/SOPs)

3. Marketing (Wanting more sales)

4. People (Building efficient teams)

5. Buying & Selling Businesses (M&A)

**And, well... as of 2020 - COVID19 became number 6... 

(Which pretty much detonated the other five categories).

**And, well... as of 2020 - COVID19 became number 6... (Which pretty much detonated the other five categories).

So we built a "machine" to fix all of those issues in our own ventures...

And since nothing like this has ever really existed before...

It might be better if we just have one of the stars from SharkTank™ share his thoughts on it:

If all this did was save you 10+ hours of work per week,

would it be worth a quick phone call to learn how?


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The first "all-in-one" resource for small & medium size companies.

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How to sell your business for 3x more than it's worth today

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...

  • The best & fastest online business model for this year...
  • Growth-hacking strategies for your current company...
  • How to survive & thrive through recessions & beyond...
  • Ongoing group coaching, networking, and education... 
  • How to build a team who can run your business for you...
  • ​​​How to work a lot less often and make a lot more $$$...
  • The fastest & most powerful way to double a company...
  • ​Tons of opportunity for joint ventures & strategic hires...
  • ​Zero negativity environment - we're all in this together...
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